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Look Up!

Springtime in southeast South Dakota is a really great place to witness the amazing geese migration. Typically, end of February through March is when you have the opportunity to see hundreds and thousands of geese in the sky. In order to see this magic you have to look up!

I am not talking about the low flying Canada geese that we see frequently throughout the year. You have to look way up high in the sky to see a silver ribbon cutting through the sky in line and V patterns. I've been told these are the Snow geese.

The first time I witnessed this was when my husband and I were hiking at Big Sioux Recreation Area in Brandon. We actually heard the geese before we saw them. We were confused as to what we were hearing because we could not immediately see anything. But once we discovered that there were THOUSANDS of geese WAAAAAAY high up in the sky, it was all unbelievable!

This first picture is Canada geese. Second image is the Snow geese but they are so high up, you can't really see them well. Third image is my cute husband using the binoculars to watch the migration.

It truly is amazing to witness, so keep your eyes peeled when riding in the car. If you have a nice clear day, head out to your favorite park and see if you catch any of the migration overhead. It is an experience you will never forget!

Thanks for reading!

Photo Credit: Rhiannon Israel

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