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Golden Light - Michelob's Midwestern Specialty

Cheap Beer. It was one item that we knew we would find brands we were familiar with no matter what part of the states we moved to, and we did. The beer/liquor section of Hy-Vee welcomed us with the familiar nationwide cheap beer brands that we had in good ole Tennessee. What we didn't expect was to be introduced to a NEW cheap beer!

Now, I am not the biggest fan of cheap beer but do recognize that there will always be a time and place where cheap beer is what you need. For years, Bud Light was my go-to cheap beer, but this all changed when we moved to Sioux Falls.

One evening while in the beer cooler at Hy-Vee, we came across Michelob's Golden Light. We looked at each other and said, "Hell, why not?" We had never seen this beer before and were intrigued. Turns out we both enjoyed it, so it quickly became our new go-to cheap beer.

What you need to know about Michelob Golden:

  • You have the option of Michelob Golden Draft and Michelob Golden Draft Light (our favorite)

  • "There's something special about Michelob Golden Draft and Michelob Golden Draft Light - premium draft beers that offer light fruit and malt aromas, a medium body, a slightly sweet taste and an exceptionally smooth finish." - ICS Brands

  • Available in the upper Midwest (that's us - woot woot): South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan.

  • It's cheap beer, so worth a try. If you hate it, you aren't out much money.

Previously, my husband and I could not agree on which cheap beer to buy, so we would end up buying a case of Bud Light for me, and a case of whatever suited his cheap fancy for the moment...usually Coors Light. Now that we have discovered Michelob's Golden Light, we can both agree on a cheap case of beer to share! When our friends and family come visit the Midwest, we make sure they try some of our Golden Light!

Make sure you try some Golden Light for the Midwest experience.


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