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INCA - Fresh Salsa

Dreaming of warmer weather, sandy beaches or just some relief from the cold winter? Treat yourself to some Inca Salsa!!!

I know my last cuisine blog post was also Mexican themed but you really HAVE to know about this if you don't already. Mexican is not even my favorite food, but these gems are worth me dedicating two posts, back-to-back, for the same cuisine!

If you haven't tried it before, add it to your DO NOW bucket list! It really is the best salsa I can find in the grocery store.

The nice thing my family likes about the salsa is:

1. It is fresh!

2. It's flavorful!

3. Medium and Hot actually have some nice heat to it!

4. LOCAL - That's right. They make it here!

5. They also serve great food at their restaurant!

That's right, head on down to their restaurant off of 41st Street (near Scheels) and get yourself a whole meal packed with flavor. They do advertise for some pretty sweet deals on kids meals. I wouldn't know firsthand because we don't have kids yet, but it's definitely a deal worth trying.

As for the salsa, I buy mine at's pretty much a staple for our grocery list. The plastic containers, (pictured) are found in the cooler. They also sell jars that are next to all the other mediocre salsas. Be a gem and send your out-of-town friends and family a taste of Inca... who doesn't like getting salsa in the mail?

To learn more about Inca, follow them on their facebook page!

This is seriously how I feel every time I make Inca salsa my snack.

Thanks for reading,


Photo Credit: Rhiannon Israel

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