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Men's Winter Boots

My previous post about boots was great for the women out there...because I posted about all of my boots. Here are some details for the men out there. Apologies, I do not have as much information specific to where each pair was purchased and specific cost. Some of these boots are several years old!

Bogs, Rangers Insulated, Sorels

I have several wonderful men in my life that live in cold temperatures and do a variety of activities throughout winter. These are the boots they swear by.

Bogs - Neo Tech (-40 degree rating) - Waterproof, High Calf Coverage, Big Foot Sizes, Convenient Pull-Ons! These (and Muck Boots) were the first ones suggested to my husband when we moved to Sioux Falls, and people kept recommending one of the two brands for him to get. They are great for a variety of activities in the snow, from shoveling to snowmobiling to running errands at Ace Hardware!

These range from $80 - $150. Cost will likely vary based on level of insulation in these boots.

Bogs currently has some of their supply on sale direct through them. They can also be found at Home Depot and Amazon.

**They do have these in womens sizes with super cute colors and prints.

Ranger - A229 Ranger Glacier Bay - These are a little bit harder to find and best for more extreme temperatures. The nice thing about these is that they are rubber on the outside and insulated for extreme temperatures down to -80 degrees. So these are actually the perfect pair of ice fishing boots if you go up to Lake of the Woods (northern MN) in January or Febuary for ice fishing. Here in Sioux Falls, there are probably not a whole lot of days that those would be the best boot.

These I did find online through Shoe King for $120. Sizes up to Mens 15.

Sorels - This is such a good all-around brand. Hands down, this is the brand of boot that EVERYBODY recommends for cold weather. There are many different variations. The picture at the top are Men's Glacier Extreme Snow Sorels, which are for more extreme temperature ratings (-100 degrees and colder!). Great for ice fishing, snowmobiling and trips up north where the temperatures can be very cold. Might be useful for hunting too. The pair pictured below here are a more basic pair and have a rating around -40 degrees. They would be the more useful ones for day-to-day winter weather and shoveling.

These range from about $120 - $170+. They are quality, hardy boots that should last for years, so worth the investment.

Check them out at our Cabelas in Mitchell, SD. Since they are about an hour away, I would call before assuming they will have what you want. Also on Amazon.

Muck Boots - These are great in wet, muddy conditions. Lightweight, Waterproof, Big Foot Sizes, Convenient Pull-Ons, High Calf Options! Lots of farmers have these as a staple!

These range from $100 - 170+. Again, these have different variations so make sure you are getting what you want as far as insulation and calf height!

Our local Ace Hardware and Tractor Supply stores sells Muck boots. They can also be found online at Amazon!

EVERYDAY - My husband uses his Vasque, hiking boots for the majority of his everyday errands and use when there is not a lot of snow on the ground. They keep his feet dry, aren't as bulky as snow boots, look nice for casual attire and feel good.

I believe he got his at either our Red Wing Store or Scheels, though the same style is no longer there. They are very similar to these!

Vasque Hiking Boots

Good luck out there and let us know if you have an outstanding pair of men's boots that you would like to share!

Thanks for reading,


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