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New Neighbors - Tips to help YOU welcome them!

Ever had a new neighbor move in and not know the best approach to meet them? Here are some suggestions that come from somebody who has been that "new neighbor" before!

1. Be prompt! Introduce yourself (and family) a few days after their move. Week nights may be best before dinner time!

2. Plan to keep it short and sweet. You never know how busy they are and what they have going on at the moment, and you are coming to their door as a surprise visit.

3. Nothing wrong with bringing them a baked good, bottle of wine or something local! If you really want to be cute, bring them a pineapple. It is a welcoming symbol that is indicative of hospitality and friendship. If you really need a good idea, check out 605 Crate products...

4. Leave them something with your name(s) and phone number. Sticky notes or business cards work great! You never know when you are going to need to reach out to your neighbors. It is also very beneficial for them to have your names written down so they can remember who you are. Don't be insulted if they need you to remind them of your name. They have a lot going on in their brain!

5. Likewise, have something small (sticky note and pen) in your pocket that you can jot their names down as soon as you leave. Same reasoning as #4.

6. If they appear to have time and want to chat, get to know them by asking where they moved from, what activities and hobbies they enjoy, etc... Also share information with them by providing suggestions to your favorite local places in town, if there are any neighborhood events they should mark on their calendar, etc...

7. If they are from out of town, let them know there is a Sioux Falls Newcomers Club they should join!

8. Let them know that you are aware they are busy moving and you will let them get back to their evening. Reiterate that you are welcoming them into the neighborhood and have a good night!

9. Wave and say "Hi" when you see them in passing!

10. Encourage your other neighbors to go meet them.

We hope this helps and gives you that extra encouragement to provide a warm welcome to those new in your neighborhood!

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