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New Year, BIG MOVE

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Happy New Year! The beginning of each year is typically a time when people set goals and speculate about what great things the year ahead will have in store for them. For some, moving to a new town will be a reality in the year ahead. If your BIG MOVE is (or was) to Sioux Falls, South Dakota then go ahead and subscribe to this blog!

My BIG MOVE to Sioux Falls was New Year's Eve 2015. Our first day living in here was New Year's Day 2016, just 3 short years ago. Hard to believe time has gone by so quickly! The past 3 years I have spent exploring the city, learning the Midwest culture, making new friends/connections, traveling the region, and rooting myself in Sioux Falls. I recently made the decision to start my own business (Welcome Sioux Falls, LLC) to share my passion for SF and experience moving here to assist others in their BIG MOVE to Sioux Falls.

My intent is for this blog to become a resource for individuals and families that are either 1) planning a move to Sioux Falls 2) in the process of moving to Sioux Falls, or 3) have recently moved to Sioux Falls. My focus is on providing you with helpful and relevant information to assist with your transition. Think of me as your new friend who is excited to help you become a part of our wonderful community in Sioux Falls!

Photo Credit: Trevor Israel

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