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Where to Travel and What to Explore?

No matter how much you love Sioux Falls, or hate Sioux Falls, it is important to get outside of this town and see more of the Midwest!

I LOVE to travel and have found it to be fuel for my soul. Opening my eyes to the smaller and less notable wonders in this world is important. While we may not have the Grand Canyon (AZ), Arches (UT), Redwoods (CA), Niagara Falls (NY), Mammoth Cave (KY), or the Everglades (FL), we still have a lot of amazing things that are unique to South Dakota and our Midwest neighbors.

Part of finding happiness during a major move is having the ability to see new beauty and find an appreciation for your new home. Sometimes that takes getting away for a few days to then appreciate what you have at home. Other times that means getting away to find a gem hidden somewhere close by.

The Travel/Explore posts of this blog will be to share some of what I have found and hopefully inspire you to take your own day trips and overnight getaways. Whether you use my information as a guide for your own trip, or find inspiration to make your own I hope the information I provide is useful!

Here are some examples of what you may expect to find in the Travel/Explore section:

  • Omaha/Kansas City Retreat

  • Tipis of the Blue Mounds

  • Cranberries of Wisconsin

  • Ice Fishing Trips

  • Black Hills Adventures - Winter and Summer

  • Lake Vermillion Overnight

  • Civil War Re-enactment

  • Mitchell In A Day


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