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The Personal Relocation Session:


  • 45-Minute Session with Relocation Expert.
  • Session is a personalized deep dive into the roadmap (see below) topic of your choosing. 
  • Additional relocation resources and follow-up provided after session. 
  • Can be utilized at any stage of the relocation process: Exploring the idea of moving, Preparing for an upcoming move, Currently moving, Settling in. 


Lifestyle Assessment to be completed ahead of session and area of focus chosen ahead of time. 


The Sioux Falls Relocation Roadmap Workbook is great no matter what stage of the relocation process you are in.  Whether you are an invidiual, single-parent, spouse or family this resource is for you!


Our easy-to-follow and fun workbook takes you through the main aspects of uprooting and rebuilding your life somewhere new.  It is inclusive of our RELOCATION LIFESTYLE ASSESSMENT, an INTERPRETIVE ROADMAP and INTERACTIVE sections for you to personalize your journey. 


This was designed specifically for new residents of the greater Sioux Falls community. It is a reusable resource you can utilize months and years after the actual move, as we know the transition takes time!


Topics we cover are:

  • Goals & Priorities
  • Mindset
  • Get Involved
  • Organization
  • Struggles
  • Assess, Reset, Touchbase
  • Support Systems
  • Making it Home

Personal Relocation Session and Workbook Combo

  • This is a combination of the Sioux Falls Relocation Roadmap Workbook and a Personal Relocation Session.


    When you purchase a Personal Relocation Session, you will be provided a downloadable document via email with scheduling details.  


    Moving and starting over somewhere new is much more than a rollercoaster of ups and downs. It can be incredibly difficult but also extremely rewarding.  How are you supposed to navigate through everything that comes with a relocation? 


    The Sioux Falls Relocation Roadmap Workbook is designed to help guide you through your journey so you have the best chance at success.  We know that 1:1 personal support is not feasible for everybody but we want everybody to still have access to affordable and valuable support, which is why we created our Relocation Roadmap.  It is laid out as a customizable workbook to help meet the needs of your individual move. 


    In this workbook we will help you determine what your priorities are and how to navigate through the speed bumps as they arise. You will gain a clear understanding of why you are moving, what you want to get out of your move and how to become comfortable in your new life. 

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