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k. If you want to be on the list you need to add yourself. So send an email with your name, telephone number and address to (DO NOT SEND A PRIVATE EMAIL). […] is an easy way to compare prices, read reviews and save up to 60% on your next purchase. As well as printing labels directly off the screen, the equipment also offers a screen-printing service for small jobs, web print for fast and easy […]Q: Why these three controls are not triggering same event I have a form with three controls : txtFirstName, txtLastName, txtCity. I want to make sure that the form is valid before the user is allowed to hit OK button on the form. For the first two controls, I used txtFirstName.Validating += new CancelEventHandler(validation); txtLastName.Validating += new CancelEventHandler(validation); But when the user presses OK button, I want validation event to be triggered for all three controls at once. Shouldn't I use something like this? txtCity.Validating += new CancelEventHandler(validation); and this way, validation event is triggered on all three controls at once? A: When the user presses OK button, there are only two controls on the form: Your control. The OK button. You're using invalidating on the control, so you are actually invalidating on the control and the OK button. If you only want the control validated, you can't use the validation method, but you can create a method which returns a boolean, and which is called from the validation method. private bool Validate(string fieldName, string value) { return!fieldName.Equals(textBox.Name) &&!string.IsNullOrEmpty(value); } private void txtFirstName_Validating(object sender, CancelEventArgs e) if (!Validate(txtFirstName.Name, txtFirstName.Text)) e.



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EPSON Adjustment Program Reset L130-L220-L310-L360-L365 Utorrent 2022

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