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Welcome Sioux Falls, LLC

Welcome Sioux Falls, LLC is a professional welcome service available to the Sioux Falls community. We work with businesses that are relocating or hiring employees from out of town and provide person-centered, affordable relocation support that focuses on the success of their transition into the Sioux Falls community. 

Moving In
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Welcome Sioux Falls also offers an array of classy artisan gift basket options, the 605 Crates!  We work with artisans that are located in the Sioux Falls region to provide an assortment of locally made goods that are representative of the community.   

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Rhiannon Israel founded WSF in August of 2018 to provide services for new residents transitioning into the Sioux Falls community.  Having moved across the country many times during her childhood, and as an adult, she identified a need within our community that coincides the undeniable growth within Sioux Falls.  


Rhiannon and her husband made their move to Sioux Falls in 2016 for his career in agriculture.  They did not know anybody, nor had they even visited Sioux Falls before they committed to the move.  Rhiannon understands, first hand the huge life-change a move is for an individual or family.  She is ready to provide a warm welcome and services to assist others as they go through their big move and transition into Sioux Falls.

Prior to moving to SD, Rhiannon worked in international marketing.  Her role focused on assisting and educating clients from all over the world.  Once in Sioux Falls, Rhiannon worked at a residential facility providing outreach services. It was during this time that Rhiannon fell in love with the community of Sioux Falls and South Dakota as a whole.  


Community Welcome Matters!

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We highly encourage businesses to provide a warm welcome for their clients AND employees moving into the community. 

It makes a world of difference for each individual, or family making the move. We love to partner, assist and support these official welcomes!


Thank you to those businesses who are making a difference for new residents!

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