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Relocation & Transition Services

Moving to a new city is a major life change. When relocating an employee or new hire to Sioux Falls, we want to be there to assist you! We recognize that while an employer should be

focused on getting their employee up-to-speed, that employee (and their family) should be provided adequate personal assistance during their transition into Sioux Falls.  


That is where we come in and focus on transitioning them successfully in their new home and community!  

Whether your business has a robust relocation package or this is the first time

you are relocating an employee, Welcome Sioux Falls, LLC can provide options that

set you apart and provide unique benefits for your employees. 


New residents should be confident in their decision to move, excited to be a

part of Sioux Falls and provided the support/guidance necessary for them to succeed in our community. 

Relocation Preparation & Guidance

This service provides direction and helps the individual/family plan for and facilitate their move. Individuals/Families will receive guidance and support in the following areas:

  • Choosing service providers,

  • Task delegation and organization,

  • Timeline management,

  • Financial tools,

  • Initial (virtual) meeting with relocation companion,

  • 1 touchpoint to check in, receive support, encouragement, guidance and accountability,

  • Additional moving tips and tidbits,

  • Invitation to The Sioux Falls Newcomers Club.

*Content provided is customizable to each individual and/or family relocation.

This service is ideal if, no relocation assistance or support is offered, only a lump sum is provided, and/or if individuals/families have little experience relocating.

Relocation Transition & Guidance

This service focuses on the transition into the new life and community.  Support and guidance are centered around topics and skills necessary for a successful relocation.

  • Personal/Virtual Introductory Meeting,

  • Lifestyle Assessment,

  • Personalized Transition Plan,

  • Content may include any of the following: Family, Mindset, Community, Friends, Communication, Organization, Finances, Job, Self-Interest, Home, Struggles, Support Systems, etc…

  • 2 Accountability and Content sessions,

  • 1 Follow-up touchpoint, 

  • Invitation to the Sioux Falls Newcomers Club.

*Content provided is customizable to each individual and/or family relocation.

This service is ideal for employers whose relocation goals are centered around longevity and employee retention.

The Basic Relo Package

Individuals/Families benefit from a full scope services available to them through a flexible and convenient portal, ensuring timeliness and relevancy to customize their individual relocation.

Included in the Basic Relo package:

  • Portal Account,

  • Customizable Transition Plan

  • Instruction and Guidance,

  • Relocation Tools, Materials, Activities,

  • Personal AND some Logistics Covered

  • Topics Available: Communication, Community, Destination Services, Employment, Family, Finances, Friends, Home, Mindset, Organization/Timeline Management, Self-Interests, Service Providers, Struggles, Support Systems…

  • Lifetime Access to Content and Materials,

  • Invitation to Sioux Falls Newcomers Club.

*Minimum Commitment Required ~ Wholesale Pricing Available

This option is ideal for employers who relocate 50+ employees annually. Basic Relo provides structure, guidance and personal support in a way that is convenient, flexible and personalized for each employee relocation.

The services Welcome Sioux Falls, LLC provides are customizable to fit your business's needs.  Give us a call to discuss how we can help you!

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