Relocation & Transition Services


Moving to a new city is a major life change. When relocating an employee or new hire to Sioux Falls, we want to be there to assist you! We recognize that while an employer should be

focused on getting their employee up-to-speed, that employee (and their family) should be provided adequate personal assistance during their transition into Sioux Falls.  


That is where we come in and focus on connecting them to the information and resources they need to get settled in their new community!  

Whether your business has a robust relocation package or this is the first time

you are relocating an employee, Welcome Sioux Falls, LLC can provide enhancements that

set you apart and provide unique benefits for your employees. 


We want to ensure new residents are confident in their decision to move, excited to be a

part of Sioux Falls and are given a warm welcome into the community. 

Interview Services

  • Airport Welcome and Transportation

  • Sioux Falls Tour

  • Basic City Information

First impressions matter in more than just the interview.  These services are designed to provide a warm welcome and show off our city.  As a potential employer, it is important that you provide an unbiased overview of our community to help that interviewee determine if it is the right move for them.   

Pre-Move Services

  • Pre-Move Questionnaire

  • Personalized Community Details 

  • Assistance Establishing Connections 

*Pre-Move and New Resident services utilize a personal liaison to assist each individual/family in their transition.

Once a job offer has been accepted, it is a whirlwind to figure out the logistics of getting moved.  Our services assist soon-to-be residents with personalized information and connections that will help connect them with what they need in the community before they move.

New Resident Services

  • Official Welcome Meeting

  • 605 Crate

  • Customized Transition Plan & Guidance 

  • Meet & Greet Assistance

  • Sioux Falls Newcomer Club Membership

Our new residents are in town! Whether living in an extended stay hotel, or moving into their house/apartment it is crucial that they are properly welcomed.  It is also important to know that some of the biggest challenges from their move have yet to come.  It is time for them to start building their new life in Sioux Falls.  Arguably, this is when they need the most support and assistance to transition into the community. 

The services Welcome Sioux Falls, LLC provides are customizable to fit your business's needs.  Give us a call to discuss how we can help you!

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