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Tortilleria Hernandez

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

I tried each of the tacos!

Looking for an authentic hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant? Look no further, we have one for you to try!

Tortilleria Hernandez is a tortilleria and small restaurant located at 101 N Fairfax Ave (a block north of 10th street, 2 blocks west of Cliff Ave).

Have you ever even been to a tortilleria? It is pretty neat to see the production of tortillas right behind the front counter as you walk in. The best part is knowing that your tortilla is as fresh as it can be!

The food is great, inexpensive and authentic! We did mention this is a hole-in-the-wall kind of place, so don't be too disappointed if their 2 tables are already filled when you get there. No worries, they can get you some food to-go in no time.

Yelp reviews give Tortilleria Hernandez a 4.5 start rating!

This is a gem you should know about in Sioux Falls!

Photo Credit: Rhiannon Israel

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